Anthony was born in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) on March 23rd 1993. Esthete since a young age, he began early the graceful discipline of vaulting, a mixture of dancing and gymnastics on the back of a cantering horse.

His life in ballerina shoes became more and more evident as success embraced his journey of sacrifice and dedication. Indeed, after his first gold medal at a national championship in 2011 aboard his horse “Courage”, he joined the French team training squad based in the prestigious “Cadre Noir” of Saumur. The greatest milestone being yet to come, he was chosen in 2014 by the world champion Jacques Ferrari to join his vaulting team “Noroc”, aiming at representing France at the world championships two years later. Again, it seemed that success was in the cards for Anthony and his team. After many international victories around Europe and a first French champion title, the team kept on growing to reach its ambitions. The next year, embodying birds on the stage, “Noroc” vaulters kept on shining to win the nations’ cup of the legendary horse show of Aachen, Germany, among others. A second French champion title later, the team was selected for the world championships in their training base of Le Mans, France.

A month later, the team produced a historical performance for the sport and went home with the gold at the 2016 world championships …


Somewhere along his way, Anthony discovered the beauty of poetry in motion, and the thrill of capturing an instant for eternity through his camera. From the dazzling colors of a sunset to the magical bond of a rider to his horse, he slowly experienced a whole new perspective to describe the world, when words aren’t strong enough …

His passion for photography, colors, sounds and music makes him believe in his inner director soul.. Step by step, he diversifies his work from horses to fashion brands, from nature cinematography to marketing and artistic purposes and much, much more.